Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

The truth is wood flooring adds extensive value to any home, even if it’s only installed in a single room. In today’s post, we’re going to tell you more about these floors and why they could be the most valuable flooring choice you’ll ever make.

The value of wood flooring

There is great value to be found in hardwood flooring, and it all starts with exceptional lifespans, no matter which material you choose. The solid variety offers more than 100 years, while engineered materials can provide up to 30 years or more, both when properly maintained and installed.

But these floors are also incredible because you can customize them in a wide variety of ways. You’ll get to choose specifics when it comes to board grade, species, finish type, stain color, format, and even installation layout and design, with each different design offering another attractive option.

The ability to refinish these floors is another essential attribute, which means you can refinish the flooring instead of replacing it. It’s just another way to ensure your investment pays off over time.

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