Four tips for choosing the perfect flooring

Four tips for choosing the perfect flooring

Flooring is an integral part of any interior design plan, being the foundation of a room and setting the tone, not only of that space but also the entire home. It's also a significant investment and an expression of your style. Here are some tips from Decorama, your flooring company in Bowmanville, ON, on getting the right one for you.

First things first: Examine your lifestyle

1. This is something you should do even before you walk into the flooring store. How do you plan to use the space? Will the living room be the center of family activity, or do you plan to use it only for guests? Do you have kids and pets?  You may have to deal with spills, soggy towels left on the floor, and pets who topple water dishes and sometimes mistake the hallway floor for the great outdoors. Any interior design is a balance between aesthetics and practicality so, while it needs to be stylish, it also must be aligned with your needs.

2. Look at your style.  Do you like bold, vibrant colors or quiet, serene shades? Are you drawn to specific patterns, such as geometrics or herringbone?  If you're considering hardwood, do you like an abundance of knots, swirls, and raised grains, or would you prefer a more subtle wood?

Consider budget

    3. Don't just think of the initial product cost but look at the overall picture.  That would include fees for delivery, installation, disposal, underlayments, etc.  Also, factor in additional materials, such as stains, baseboards, and transition strips, among others.

    4. Think of your home's overall decor.  Nothing needs to be an exact match, and two different floorings side by side in open rooms can work well if the colors coordinate.  Also, make sure it's in the style of your home; you might fall in love with a modern style, but it will look a little odd if the rest of your house is a country atmosphere.

      Our experts will help you sort through it all and help you find the right flooring for you.  For information and a free flooring quote, visit the Decorama Flooring Bowmanville showroom in Bowmanville, ON, convenient to, Toronto, Peterborough, Clarington and Cobourg, ON