Three hardwood flooring trends

Three hardwood flooring trends

While hardwood is a long-standing favorite flooring choice, the styles in demand have changed throughout the years. As a result, there is a new influence on today's preferred styles - a tendency to allow wood flooring to become a focal point in a room.

Many homeowners choose a style that works well with a floor layout pattern, such as offset or chevron.

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Trend 1: dark and light colors

Whereas medium shades of wood and stains were once in vogue, very light and dark colors are trendy now. Maple is a popular light-colored wood species with its delicate grain pattern.

If you are a fan of dark wood flooring, choose oak and a dark stain. High variation flooring is best if you like a natural look because no two pieces are alike.

Trend 2: Non-traditional plank sizes and textures

Wide planks give a room a feeling of grandeur regardless of decorating style, so it's not surprising that they're in vogue today. In contrast, narrow planks are often used to complement contemporary room decor.

Textured plank styles are just as likely to be chosen as the more traditional, smoothly finished styles. In addition, a distressed look is trendy.

Trend 3: Engineered hardwood

Engineered wood continues to grow in popularity, likely because it is budget-friendly and versatile. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, Engineered planks connect so a floating floor can be constructed.

In addition, planks have a surface and base layer that tolerates moisture so that the flooring can be placed in moisture-prone spaces and over cement slabs.

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