Reasons to have a professional flooring installation

Some people go so far as to say the installation is as, if not more, important than the product itself. While the product should always be the highest quality you can afford, a professional installation will ensure that, whether carpet, hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl, the flooring will be wrinkle-free and without gaps, squeaks or subfloor imperfections that telegraph through to the surface floor. Our in-house flooring installers have decades of experience and are thoroughly familiar with all kinds of techniques. When looking for flooring in Bowmanville be sure to consider Decorama Flooring Bowmanville as your one-source shopping.


Various techniques

It’s important that installers are familiar with different types of flooring. Solid hardwood is a tongue and groove insertion to line up the planks, then the floor is nailed or glued.

Hardwood’s other version, engineered, offers a floating floor technique. Floating floors, a popular technique also of laminate and luxury vinyl, consist of pieces clicking together, similar to tongue and groove, forming a mat. The mat then hovers over an existing subfloor with no nails or adhesives needed. This is called “loose lay.”

Carpet has special tools. Tack strips are lined around the room’s perimeter with the rug in the middle. Then it is stretched over the strips where they are affixed. This is done either with a power stretcher or a knee kicker. Tile is heavy and laborious and the layout needs to be precise. It requires special tools such as tile saw cutters.

The subfloor is more important than you think

You can’t see it, but it has a big impact on the look of your floor. You want the surface floor to be smooth and to fit tightly, but if the subfloor is damaged, the surface floor will be askew. Sometimes sanding is required to level it; otherwise, your surface floor can be crooked. In the case of solid hardwood, which is affected by water and moisture, the installer will take subfloor readings throughout the process. Water can travel up to the wood and cause warping, cupping, or crowning.

Learn about flooring installation and why it’s so important. Our knowledgeable staff will explain everything you need to know in great detail. The Decorama Flooring Bowmanville showroom is in Bowmanville, Ontario. Call or come to see us, especially if you live in the Greater Toronto area including the Durham Region, Bowmanville, ON, Toronto, ON, Peterborough, ON, Clarington, ON, or Cobourg, ON. We’d be happy to offer you a free in-home estimate and answer your questions regarding our flooring installation services.

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