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What to know when shopping for hardwood flooring

Wood floors are more than just a purchase, they are an investment. They last for decades, sometimes even up to 100 years. They never go out of style and work with any decor. If you do change your design and want a different color floor, just sand and restain it.

Most of all, they increase property values. You’ll see 70 to 80% of that cost reflected in the home value and prospective buyers will sometimes pay 2.5% more for a home with hardwood floors. All that aside, there’s still some basic information that will be helpful during your search for the perfect floors.

What do you want in a species?

Right now, the most commonly asked for are hickory, walnut, cherry, maple, and oak (both white and red.) You’re not limited to these, however, because there’s a wide assortment of both domestic and exotic species from which to choose. What are your needs? Do you have extra durability issues?

What is your style? Would you rather a species with an abundance of knots, swirls, and other features, or one that is quieter? Also know that exotics tend to be darker, more dramatic, and pricier. They are also among some of the hardest hardwoods. Have a thorough discussion with Decorama Flooring Bowmanville, your hardwood flooring retailer.

What’s the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?

Only the construction is different. Solid is one thickness throughout, while engineered is layered. That makes it stable and less likely to warp than solid. While both can be refinished and sanded, engineered does have more installation possibilities in higher-than-normal areas, such as basements.

Other things to consider are thickness. In the case of both solid and engineered, that determines how often the floor can be sanded. The ideal thickness for solid is ¾-inch and it can be sanded up to six times. Engineered has a range of ⅝-inch to ½-inch and, depending on thickness, it can be sanded up to five times.

Also, consider installation. Solid is a tongue and groove insert, then nailed or glued, while engineered also offers a floating floor. The pieces click together, form a mat, and then it hovers over a subfloor, which only needs to be clean, dry, and level.

Find out more about hardwood at the Decorama Flooring Bowmanville showroom in Bowmanville, Ontario. Our customers live in the Greater Toronto area including the Durham Region, Bowmanville, ON, Toronto, ON, Peterborough, ON, Clarington, ON, and Cobourg, ON. You’ll be happy to find our knowledgeable staff will guide you to the right hardwood flooring choice for you, and better yet, we will come to your home for a free estimate when you are ready!